Terms and Conditions

By signing a Grooming Contract you are agreeing to the following:


  • It is the groomers’ priority to make every dog’s experience a happy and positive one. However, dogs left are done so at the owner’s risk.
  • The groomer has a right to refuse, cancel or discontinue a groom should they consider the groom may have a negative effect on your dog’s wellbeing, such as (but not limited to) aggression, poor health, medical reasons or unrealistic owner expectations.
  • The groomer has the right to refuse, cancel or discontinue a groom should they feel they, or your dog are at risk of injury.
  • The groomer has the right to refuse any customer without reason.
  • The Dog Groomer – St. Ives will not be held responsible for any loss of personal belongings during your dog’s visit. Obviously, I will do my best to ensure your dog leaves the salon with everything they came with, plus a waggy tail.
  • It is the owners’ responsibility to provide me with up-to-date contact details so that you may be contacted you while your dog is with me, should the need arise.

  Health and wellbeing

  • I will not groom pregnant or lactating bitches.
  • Grooming during a bitches’ season will be at my discretion.
  • It is the owners’ responsibility to inform the me of any medical issues prior to the groom.
  • The grooming process includes a general health check and can sometimes expose underlying skin or health problems for which I cannot be held liable.
  • Dogs found to have flea’s will incur an additional charge of £5 to cover treatment of the salon.
  • Un-vaccinated dogs may visit The Dog Groomer – St. Ives but do so at the owners’ risk.
  • Puppies may enjoy their first visit to The Dog Groomer – St. Ives once puppy vaccinations are complete.
  • Should I feel your dog requires immediate veterinary attention, it will be sought, with the owner agreeing to cover any costs incurred.
  • Occasionally, it is necessary to use a muzzle for the safety of both groomer and dog. It is the responsibility of the owner to inform me if they do not wish their dog to be muzzled.
  • Matted and poorly maintained coats require extra time and attention and

may incur an extra charge. Matts left in situ will only tighten causing discomfort and medical issues. Attempting to brush them out causes pain and distress to your dog and is against my welfare policy. Coats considered to be un-saveable will require close shaving, which carries a risk of nicks and clipper burn, and may sometimes expose previously undetected health issues particularly regarding the skin. While every care is taken to avoid such issues, prevention is the better option, and is achieved through good coat maintenance. I am here to work WITH you, the owner, and will be happy to advise on a regular grooming technique/schedule to achieve a style that both you and your dog are comfortable with.

Charges/ Payment

  • Quotes given at the time of booking may differ from the price at consultation. I am happy to explain the reasons for this and seek your consent before the groom commences.
  • Payment must be made upon collection of your dog.
  • Whilst I understand life happens, should you fail to attend your appointment without notice, or cancel giving less than 24 hours notice, a charge of £10 will be incurred before I can rebook. Please respect that I operate an appointment system. I will not be able to refill your slot at short notice and therefore incur a financial loss.

Drop off and collection

  • Space here is limited. I groom one to one so that dogs have my undivided attention and receive the best possible groom in a timely manner. Late drop-offs/ collections have a detrimental effect on bookings for the rest of the day. Late drop-offs may mean I am not able to complete a high standard groom in the remaining time and we may have to reschedule. Late collections will incur a charge of £5 for every 20 minutes that your dog remains with me after the time agreed on the Grooming Contract.
  • Collection times are given based on a dog that is comfortable with all parts of the process.
  • Should you arrive to collect your dog and find the groom still in progress please wait patiently out of view. An excited dog can be dangerous to work on and perfection takes time!
  • The Dog Groomer – St. Ives reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.
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